The Benefits of Hiring a Professional DUI Lawyer Brisbane

DUI lawyer Brisbane

If you have recently been caught and charged for DUI in Brisbane, it is highly advised that you seek representation from a professional DUI lawyer Brisbane during to minimise the impact on your lifestyle and work situation.  

We know your local laws

By hiring yourself a DUI lawyer Brisbane you will be gaining many serious benefits that can help reduce your sentence when you are charged with a DUI crime. The biggest advantage of specifically hiring a DUI lawyer Brisbane, is that we have knowledge and expertise in regards to  the consequences of being charged for drunk driving within the Queensland state, which will put your case at an advantage.

We can help you reduce your sentence or bring your application for a Work Licence

Being caught driving under the influence can result in not only the loss of your license, but also a permanent mark on your criminal record, which could potentially affect your hireability and career options. A criminal record can take away your future goals and your travel plans. Some countries (depending on the offense committed) will not allow you to enter with a criminal record. You may not be able to prevent all the consequences of your crime but we may be able to help  reduce your sentence or have it dismissed in certain extenuating circumstances. We will also be able to determine your eligibility for a special work licence, allowing you to drive during your suspension for the purpose of work. If eligible, we will be able to run your application for this in conjunction with defending your charge. See our post on Drink Driving Penalties QLD to get an idea of what the penalties are for driving under the influence.

Affordable flat rate fee

Another benefit of hiring a DUI lawyer Brisbane at Drink Driving Defence, is that we charge an affordable fixed fee for our services. Starting at $1,290 +GST for low-range first offences, with 24/7 support and up to two court appearances.

The right representative for your specific case

Australia wide, we are seeing more and more cases of states cracking down harshly on DUI offences, increasing harsher sentencing and stricter penalties. Lengthy license suspensions and more cases of jail sentences are being seen within the courts, and many of them could be avoided with the right representation by the right lawyers. When hiring our drink driving lawyers as representation, we will be with you every step of the way during your court case, plus, we have a no judgement policy, as we know everyone makes mistakes at some point in their life.

How Drink Driving Defence Brisbane lawyers can help you

At Drink Driving Defence Brisbane we specialise in defending clients for drink driving offences.

See our What We Do page for more information on what cases we can represent you for.


If you require legal representation or advice about an offence or penalty relating to DUI in Brisbane, contact us at DDD Brisbane today.

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