Traffic Lawyers Brisbane

Our traffic lawyers Brisbane at Drink Driving Defence are experts in their field, registered with the Queensland Law Society and Queensland Bar.

Drink Driving Defence Brisbane is partners of one of Australia’s proven top criminal law firms, Dibs & Associates – so, you know you’re receiving the best legal advice and representation possible.

Our lawyers offer defence for all clients seeking legal advice and representation with free phone consultation and two court appearances at no extra cost. When it comes to criminal charges and penalties, it is crucial that you should seek highly specialised representation to make sure you receive the best advice tailored to your case. Our team of lawyers are extremely experienced in representing clients in court as regular appearances at local Magistrate’s courts are a common occurrence in presenting a successful legal defence.

Working with experienced and professional traffic lawyers Brisbane can help to minimise the impact of the charges penalties against you. Our experts have experience in all criminal law and traffic charges, in particular drink driving offences and other serious offences such as drug driving, driving whilst disqualified and dangerous driving. We represent clients who have been charged with traffic offences and are in need of support and legal advice from traffic lawyers Brisbane.

If you are unsure about your charge, take a look at the types of offences and penalties to better understand your case – you will have a better chance of getting on the road sooner and avoiding imprisonment if you are aware of the charges against you and have legal representation to help you present your case. If you want to minimise the impact of your charge, seek legal aid and find out how Drink Driving Defence lawyers can help you and benefit your case.


Contact traffic lawyers Brisbane at Drink Driving Defence and start your successful legal defence today.